ARMOURBEARERS: This ministry serves as a support to the Pastor, First Family and guest of Pastor Brown. They make themselves available to accommodate the physical as well as the spiritual needs of the Pastor and assist him as needed to effectivity serve the people of God.
MISSIONARY MINISTRY: This ministry assists families and members of the church and community who are in need. They assist these individuals/families with basic daily needs to better enable them to adjust to life and their current situation.
AUDIO/VISUAL: This ministry ensures that all services have adequate sound and provide professional engineering for all services and events. They also produce CD's & DVD's of services conducted in the sanctuary.
MOTHERS MINISTRY: This ministry serves as the spiritual matriarchs of the congregation. They pray for the Pastor and leadership of the church.
CHOIRS: This ministry serves to ignite the atmosphere with praise and worship through the ministry of song throughout the service.
MUSIC MINISTRY: This ministry encourages the body of Christ through song and praise to the Lord.
CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: This ministry serves as a tool for Christian education. II Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
NEW MEMBERS MINISTRY: This ministry welcomes, guides and informs new members of the biblical journey to spiritual growth. It also assists the pastor in making disciples.
THE DIACONATE/TRUSTEE MINISTRY: The Diaconate assist the Past in implementing and developing a ministry atmosphere that will glorify God and edify the body of Christ. These Deacons are servant-leaders who commit themselves to the work of the church and support the vision of the Pastor. The Biblical role of the deacon is outlined in II Timothy 3:8-12. The trustee ministry is responsible for managing the church's revenue. They assist the deacons and pastor in maintaining an active budget that will support the ministry needs of the church and commit to be good managers concerning all financial matters of this ministry. Continue to pray for Leadership of the church.

NURSES MINISTRY: This ministry serves the congregation ensuring that all pyhsical health needs are given necessary emergency care. They also serve the Pastor with spiritual sensitivity.








DEACONS IN TRAINING: Deacons in training are men, who after much prayer, evidence of spiritual maturity and commitment to God have been by the Pastor to begin training with the expectation of these men serving as part of the Church Leadership.
SECURITY MINISTRY: This ministry ensures that the area surrounding the church and the area in which we fellowship are safe and secure.
EVANGELISM MINISTRY: Serves as evangelistic ministry that evangelizes the community in an effort to win souls to Christ. Shares the good news of the Lord to all.
SUBSTANCE ABUSE MINISTRY: This minstry ministers to all who seek deliverance from some form of substance abuse.
LATURIGICAL DANCE/SIGN MINISTRY: These ministries minister through dance and sign with the sounds of spiritual music. They motivate the atmosphere of praise nd worship through the gift of inspirational dance.
TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY: This ministry provides transporation to our church members who do not have a means of transporation to/from services, functions and fellowships.
MARRIED COUPLES MINISTRY: This ministry helps to strengthen martial relationships through the Word of God. First St. Stephen's is a church determined to strengthen the family union.
USHERS' MINISTRY: This ministry assures that all worshippers are greeted, seated and made comfortable while worshipping with us. They also assist the pastor when necessary in ensuring that adequate seats are available for guest.
MEN'S MINISTRY: This ministry supports, encourages and uplifts one another through various opportunities (i.e. Bible Study, fellowships, retreat, various social functions).
WOMEN'S MINISTRY: This ministry supports, uplifts and encourages the women of the church through various ministry functions (i.e. workshops, fellowship, retreat and social functions) It also promotes spiritual "Sister to Sister" relationships that represent the Love of Christ.
MINISTERS IN TRAINING/MINISTERIAL STAFF: Ministers in training have acknowledged a call to preach the Word of God. They are under the direct guidance of the pastor and are being prepared to serve as members of the Ministrial staff.
YOUTH MINISTRY: This ministry serves as a vehicle to help youth as they seek to commit themselves to God and serve as a beacon of encouragement.